Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amazed and Dazed ~ Kati's Thoughts

Before I came to India, I couldn't have even imagined what the inside of a brothel would look like. As of right now, I've been inside 3 of them, face to face with the women who work there. Tonight, I even held one of their babies. Yes, you read that right. One of the sweetest babies I've seen in India (and I've seen some sweet ones), living in a brothel. Sadly, that baby wasn't even the only little one in the brothel we visited tonight. Does anyone know what I should even say about that? Because I really don't. How does this happen? And what can be done to stop it? Almost every woman we've talked to has basically said that she could leave, but she won't. Some say they want to (few, very few), but even they really just don't have an option that is compelling enough to break the bonds of of the emotional bondage they are under after years of living this life - even raising children in these brothels. In processing some of what we saw tonight, one of my teammates and I just discussed how nearly hopeless the situation seems. And yet, it's just so hard for me to accept that. I just have to believe that there is a way. I have to believe that some of these women can be freed. In the natural world, it seems crazy and impossible. But I have to believe that Light can overcome the darkness we've seen in the red light district...and in red light districts everywhere. I don't know how. I just know I have to bring these women and their children before the God who created all the world and believe that there is hope.

In juxtiposition of the scenario we witnessed tonight, I have to share with you the joy of the first part of this day (in my brokenness last night, I failed to mention that this is also where we began the day yesterday). Some of the women who work in the brothels have children who are living under the care of an amazing couple who run an orphanage of 28 sweet children. It's a remarkably beautiful home - not because of the structure of the building itself or because of the decor. It's actually way to small and quite minimal for a family of 30. But the love in this home, the joy, the hope, the is tremendous. We have had the opportunity to spend time with these kiddos and their [foster] parents the last two days and I'm so very excited to get to spend more time with them tomorrow. This has been an opportunity to build relationships and to see a ministry that brings so much hope into the lives of children who otherwise would be living in brothels or on the street. I have learned new games, tought new songs, laughed, watch dances, learned dances, gotten hugs, been clobbered, and shared so much love for such a short period of time. When we left today, many of the girls were on the roof having their baths...I came halfway up the steps - just enough to see their many shampooed heads peak over when I called out to tell them that we were leaving for the day. "Bye-bye, didi...we love you, didi! See you tomorrow, Kati didi!" (pronounced "dee-dee"...this means "sister" - they call me "Kati didi" or just "didi") My heart just brims with joy spending time with these kiddos. Their company is quite possibly the only reason that I'm not an inconsolable mess after these last two evenings in the red light district. God is at work...he is using ordinary people to create a beautiful, loving home for these 28 precious ones. For some of them, perhaps there was a time when their situations seemed hopeless. Now, they are happy and healthy and learning about the Lord and about loving their brothers and sisters. This is true beauty. My heart is so blessed to be going to bed knowing that in the morning, I'll head back to their home to have church with them in the 11x11 room where they weekly gather as a family for worship. I can't wait to sing with them and sit them on my lap while we listen to Vince share a message. I'll be missing The River tomorrow, but I know that time back in this joy-filled home will continue to minister to my spirit and remind me of God's continued goodness and faithfulness.


  1. Kati, we are praying. God is so good and amazing to have provided hope for those young kiddos. What a beautiful picture. I pray that He shows you how to break through to the women in the brothels and to share his Love with them. They will remember all of you and your kindness. God is working through you all when you see it and when you can't. Praise Him for touching so many lives through y'alls mission with Hope Chest!!!

  2. My heart breaks reading your words. I was in India from September to December this past year and all of the sweet faces came rushing back to my mind.

    Just hold on to the precious truth that our God is good (perfectly good) and sovereign. Everything He does is good and He can do everything!

    My prayers and tears are with you! Namaste

  3. Kati- got to your site by a friends status on facebook.
    In 2007 I spent a month in India (all over) traveling a pediatrician and I out to rural areas doing the best we could with the little we had, to treat people. I saw the red light district only at a distance. Reading your words broke my heart as I, too, have a heart for these girls.
    I have now been a missionary in Kenya for 2 years. My husband and I work with Street Boys. But I still have a heart for those girls who spend every day in a "hell" or sorts.
    A friend and I started a non profit that helps raise money for IJM's stop against child trafficking called "Run4Revoltion". It is difficult to work on being this far away, but my heart is So captivated by what people like you are doing.
    Stay encouraged my sister...
    I am praying...