Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daily Prayer Guide

This is simply a guide to help you pray more effectively for the team on the ground. We also have a team of people praying and fasting during the trip. They will get more in-depth prayer requests as the trip goes on. If you would like to be a part of this team, please email with the day you would like to fast and she will add you to the list!

Sunday, June 20th
What's Happening: Team leave the US

Prayer Focus: Safety, on time flights, good sleep on planes

Monday, June 21st
What's Happening: Team arrives in India

Prayer Focus: Luggage and customs going smoothly, restful sleep for their first night, hearts of the trip members as they see, hear, feel, experience India for the first time

Tuesday, June 22nd
What's Happening: tour Friends of the Good Samaritan School and hear the testimony of Ananthi (who founded the school), Team planning for work w/kids, Visit Madanpur Khadar Slum Community and hear families stories

Prayer Focus: Excitement for the work that He has laid out for them. Team bonding. Hearts that are ready to break and be inspired all at once. A gentle spirit as they interact with people. First slum visit could be very difficult, pray for their hearts in processing it

Wednesday, June 23rd
What's Happening: lead devotions with school staff, crafts with children, small group bible study with older children, work project at the school

Prayer Focus: Discernment and His leading for what to share in devotions. Pray for each team member to specifically connect with a particular child each day. Pray that each interaction with each child will communicate to them HIS love for them. Pray for jetlag that may be setting in.

Thursday, June 24th
What's Happening: Taj Mahal

Prayer Focus: Processing time for the team members after the first 2 days of ministry. Pray that they take the time to allow the Him to search their hearts and work in them. Team building and connection. Enjoyment and refreshment.

Friday, June 25th
What's Happening: Devotions with teachers. Arts and crafts with children at the Dakshinpuri Center. Time spent in the Dakshinpuri Slum with children and their families. Small group study of the Word again (same children as Wednesday). Work project at school.

Prayer Focus: Team members would connect with children they interact with. that team members who may not typically be comfortable doing crafts and leading groups will do well and enjoy it too! Pray that they will experience Him as they interact with the poor.

Saturday, June 26th
What's Happening: Activities with children. Prayer for teachers. Visit MK community

Prayer Focus: At the halfway point of their trip, pray for homesickness that may be setting in. Pray for the Lord to begin to reveal His direction for each person in why He has brought them there and what He is doing in them.

Sunday, June 27th
What's Happening: Madanpur Khadar Church service. study with the youth group. Lunch at school. Tour of Delhi. Shopping

Prayer Focus: Pray for a new understanding of the Body as they fellowship with other believers. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they pour into the lives of the youth group. Pray for the Father to reveal Himself in a new and fresh way as they study His word together

Monday, June 28th
What's Happening: Devotion with admin staff, various work projects around school. Small group study w/same children. Part of the group leaves for Mumbai to work with Indian Rescue Mission

Prayer Focus: A greater connection with the staff - pray that they learn from each other and connect well. Pray for their work time, that they will feel the pleasure of the father as they work for Him. Pray for safe travels as part of the group flies to Mumbai

Tuesday, June 29th
What's Happening: Part of the team flies from Mumbai to Kolhapur. Rest of the team, activities and classes with school children all day.

Prayer Focus: Safe travels for team in Kolhapur - discernment on how to partner with IRM - that the team would be a blessing and encouragement to the team there. For the team at the school pray that the team members relationships with specific children would deepen. Pray that they would ask the right questions and get to know the children more and that they would respond with His love and healing words.

Wednesday, June 30th
What's Happening: Part of team - ministry with IRM and then return to Delhi. Rest of team - outdoor activities with the children. Go to Madanpur Khadar center for arts and crafts time with children there.

Prayer Focus: For team with IRM - pray for safety and that they would be used greatly in ministry. Pray for our leadership that Vince would see clearly how HopeChest (and all of us!) can partner with IRM. Continued prayer for all team members as their hearts continue to break for what breaks His. Pray for team in Delhi as they are outdoors all day. It is VERY hot in India. Pray against exhaustion - both heat and otherwise.

Thursday, July 1st
What's Happening: Free day with the children and teachers at the school.

Prayer Focus: As they begin to say goodbye to India, pray that the He would confirm in each of them the work He has begun. Pray that they will begin to see clearly their next steps when they arrive home. Pray for their closing time as a team as they debrief together.

Friday, July 2nd
What's Happening: Team departs Delhi

Prayer Focus: Pray for their hearts as they leave a country that the father has undoubtably pressed deeply onto their hearts. Pray for safe travel. Pray for good sleep, rest on the flights as well as time with the father as they continue to process what they have learned and experienced.

Saturday, July 3rd
What's Happening: Team arrives back in the US

Prayer Focus: Pray for the health of team members as they experience jetlag but also want to be fully present with their families who they have missed so much!


  1. this will be so helpful for those who are praying for us. I will pass this along. thanks for doing this for the team. One of the grateful 10....js

  2. Thank you for passing this along, Jackie. I will keep all of your precious team in my prayers. God bless you. <3 <3
    Andrea Valko Seymour

  3. I have the team in my prayers! God Bless You All for your courage to serve HIM!!